Ill People Make Us Ill

Workers with the flu who don't take time off when ill are putting colleagues at risk, new research shows.

Damn right. And even worse than spreading their vile pox, they don't do any work. They just sniff and moan about how unwell they are. They turn up just for the sympathy.

32% of people go into work even if they have the virus.

It should be a crime. Like those news stories you hear of people being jailed for having unprotected sex when they know they're HIV+. (Is that all how we write HIV positive? It used to be but now it makes be think of Google+.)

OK, maybe it's not as bad as HIV, but it should at least warrant a fine. Recklessly giving someone your cold should be considered as bad as punching someone in the face. It's something you do to them that makes part of their head sore for a few days.

We covered this very topic back in episode 2 of the SomeNews podcast. Have a listen below.

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