Coffee Warning

The world economy is screwed. Superbugs could skill us all and reality TV shows will soon be the only thing on. But this story is the most worrying thing I have ever read.

Coffee could be driven to extinction by the year 2080.


UK researchers at the Royal Botanic Gardens said climate change would affect the wild Arabica coffee plant in East Africa and Arabica is responsible for around 70% of the world's coffee.

Global warming could ruin coffee? It's time to get serious and stop messing up this planet. We knew we were ruining the planet for our grandchildren, but I don't have grandchildren yet I did have a car. So driving won.

But now it could stop me daily treat of a cappuccino and the offer of a cake or muffin which I'll always decline.

The abstract of the paper states: "Based on known occurrences and ecological tolerances of Arabica, bioclimatic unsuitability would place populations in peril, leading to severe stress and a high risk of extinction.

Stop me having my coffee and there'll definitely be sever stress, and if people get in my way, a high risk of extinction.

Coffee is currently the second-most traded commodity after oil.

And while I don't think it's right to invade a country for oil, if Columbia start cutting us off, we should bomb the crap out of that place. And that could count as the first stage in the roast too.

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