Emma Stone's Sex Tape

Actress Emma Stone is apparently worried because she made a sex tape when she was younger and it might get released.

Don't beat yourself up Emma, you had the right idea. It's better to do one when you're young. I'd do one now but I'd have to put so much Vaseline on the lens the woman I was filming it with would worry where I was going to shove the camera.

According to US gossip site RadarOnline, Emma made the film with a previous boyfriend and he has a copy of the tape still. So far he hasn't sold it or put it on the web, but that might not always be the case. As Emma gets more famous the price he could get paid for that tape will go up, and at some point he might find it hard to turn down the money.

There is one hope for Emma. Maybe the bloke's performance wasn't very good. If he's watched it back and he doesn't look like he did a good job he won't want it on the internet ruining his reputation. That's why Tulisa was so upset.

A source said: "Emma Stone has a sex tape and that's a fact, she made it long before she started dating Andrew Garfield, and before she really became a household name. She was just young and probably thought nothing would ever come of it."

Odd phrasing. But at least they didn't ruin the ending for us.

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