Thief Gives Toilet Rolls Back

Here's the headline that caught my eye: "Toilet Paper Theft Repaid At New Mexico Uni"

I thought, "There's a toilet paper thief? And I bet the police have nothing to go on."

I know, that doesn't quite make sense. That would be a toilet thief, but it's such an old joke and sometimes you lose accuracy with age.

What happened was, a university graduate, apparently feeling guilty over a student prank years ago, has sent a box of toilet paper to repay his alma mater for all the bog rolls he stole from a dormitory.

He wanted to wipe the slate clean. Well, not just the slate by the look of it.

The box contained five packages of 16 rolls of two-ply, septic-safe tissue - a total of 80 rolls. The story didn't say how many he originally stole, so I don't know if he paid them back with interest.

The anonymous writer apologised for stealing bathroom tissue years ago and said a new dedication to Christian faith led to the deed. The handwritten message read: "Years ago when I was a young immature college student I took toilet paper from your dormitory as a prank. I apologise for that and offer this case. Jesus Christ has made such a difference in my life and has prompted me to repay for any sins I've done even from so long ago. God Bless and Merry Christmas."

That's interesting. It's not the first time that the toilet and religion have been linked. It's where most Americans go to pray. Well, with the lack of fibre they have in their diet I bet they sit there saying, "Oh god, oh god!"

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