British Bigfoot

If you live in Kent there's someone you should be afraid of.

And you're thinking, "Of course there is. Have you ever been to Chatham?"

But this is far worse. There's a Kent yeti. An apeman standing eight feet tall and with "red burning eyes" has been spotted lurking around woods in Tunbridge Wells.

Hmm, that description sounds familiar. That's how I described the assailant when I was mugged... by a 5'4" spotty youth.

Reports claim that a "hairy beast with demonic eyes" has been seen on the 200-acre Tunbridge Wells Common in Kent several times in the past six months. According to local community website Tunbridge Wells People, the Kentish Apeman, aka British Bigfoot, was first seen 70 years ago during World War Two, but has "now returned".

So they think he's over 70 years old, and still has all his hair? Now I really hate him!

Apparently the last sighting took place just three weeks ago on the edge of the woods when the "beast" roared, scaring off a man walking home through the woods.

That must've been terrifying. I'm guessing on the day in question, it wasn't just the bears that sh*t in the woods.

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