The Name's Gaffney, Dean Gaffney

Soap star Dean Gaffney says he applied for a job with MI5. He wants to be in charge of keeping the country safe? Hmm, now might be a good time to emigrate.

To be a spy you have to be someone who doesn't stand out, someone that no body noticed. Hmm, maybe he's perfect after all.

The ex-EastEnder answered an online ad offering the role of Mobile Surveillance Officer with the secret service. He said: "I've got an enquiring mind, so I thought I'd give it a go."

And he's also good at telling lies, see the enquiring mind bit earlier.

He said: "I love spy films and the whole James Bond thing."

Oh god, he wants to be a spy because he loves spy films. Don't show him Iron Lady, or this country will be ruined.

He said: "MI5 put out an advert looking for people and I thought, 'How hard can it be?' Most spies spend their lives pretending to be people who they’re not. I do that for a living."

Oh, he's saying spies need to be able to act. You were in EastEnders mate.

The MI5 ad read: "Join us as a Mobile Surveillance Officer at MI5 and help keep people across the UK safe."

A Mobile Surveillance Officer. Oi, Gaffney, that doesn't mean you just watch people's smartphones you know!

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