Keira Knightley's Nudity Rule

In entertainment news: Keira Knightley has said she is happy to go topless. Great. All we need to do now is find the Jane Austen book with lots of nude scenes and then turn it into a film.

The reason she says she is happy with going topless on camera is because she says her breasts are so small.

With that logic I should be OK with full frontal nudity.

She told Allure magazine: "I don't mind exposing my breasts because they're so small — people really aren't that interested!"

Hey, come on. If people didn't like small things no one would buy the iPod Nano.

And for us men breasts are a lot like bubble wrap. You don't really care if they're the big ones or the smalls ones as long as you get to play with them when no one's around.

She also said she refuses to show her bottom on screen. Well, if she'll only show things that are small... oh dear.

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