Eric Bristow Sues I'm A Celeb

Eric Bristow's manager is trying to sue the TV show I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here. If his case is under the trade descriptions act, the fact that half of the people who went in no one had heard of, he just might win.

Apparently Eric's people are upset that he's been portrayed as a bully on the show and they say it's being edited unfairly. Eric faced a backlash after he made some comments that made Helen Flanagan cry. Although for the first 5 days everything made her cry.

Eric's son, James, said: "He's not a bully. He has a 21-year-old daughter himself, so would never be intentionally cruel to anyone else's." Yep, that's how that works. And that's why no middled father has ever slept with someone half his age.

Although, it's only editing, so the raw material actually happened. He actually said those things. It's not like they're using CGI to make him look bad. If there's a scene where he is really sarcastic to one of those blue people from Avatar, we'll know ITV have gone too far.

But editing can make a big difference. In the director's cut on Blade Runner Rutger Hauer comes across as a right knobhead.

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