What Wine Goes With Chocolate [Wine Expert Interview]

We all know the basic rule. It's white wine with fish, red wine with meat and rosé wine with the annoying girls from work.

At Christmas it's not just a drink with a meal, you might have a little tipple at other times. And between meals you keep yourself going with chocolates. And that raises a question, "What wine goes with chocolate?"

It's a Christmas riddle that no one has ever managed to answer, well now we have. To get to the bottom of this I spoke to Clive Barlow, a Master of Wine. We find out how one gets to be a Master of Wine, what wine will go with what chocolate and what's the best way to indulge.

In the interview I am guided through a box of the Ferrero Collection, which includes the Ferrero Rocher, the Raffaello and the Rond Noir, with three different types of wine. To find out more, have a listen below.

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