Olive Oil Penis Enlargement Really Doesn't Work

In Thailand, a 50-year-old man was forced to have his penis removed following a botched enlargement attempt using olive oil.

The big question is, extra virgin? He may as well be now.

The man had used an unproven method of injecting oil into his penis, having been told by friends that it would make it bigger. He injected olive oil into his penis. That's the total opposite to what Popeye was always trying to do.

The practice, which can also involves bees wax, silicone or even paraffin, is common in Thailand. That shows two things: (i) the level of medical knowledge must be low out there, and (ii) a lot of men there have small willies.

Oh, and (iii), you would want to eat one of his stir fries.

One Bangkok hospital reports that 40 patients a month receive treatment for side-effects. Who would've guessed that injecting cooking ingredients into your genitals was bad for you? And yet basting would be so much fun.

This 50-year-old man developed a severe infection after injecting his penis with olive oil over a number of years. So it wasn't just a one-off, he'd been injecting his penis with olive oil for years. Seems rather fitting that he lives in Bangkok.

A spokesperson for the hospital said, "It only brings bad results - people misunderstand. A woman will love a man not because of the size." Indeed, not only will a woman love you even if you are not well endowed, she'll prefer it that you stop using her cooking oil.

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