The Girl With The Golden Nuggets

Here's a news story that lets you know what class you're from.

A 17-year-old girl was in the news because she only eats chicken nuggets.

The upperclass response is, "That's awful. What's a chicken nugget?"

The middle class response is, "That's awful. How does she cope without couscous?"

The working class response is, "That's awful. She doesn't eat the fries? What a waste!"

Since the age of two she has only had these nuggets. That's a 15-year bad diet, and you know what the most annoying part of the story is? She's not even fat.

She has had none of her 5-a-day for 15 years and yet she's not fighting obesity. I have been eating bland rubbish that someone dug up for years and I still hear creaking when I try to use the Wii Fit board.

It's not without its health implications. She once suffered breathing difficulties. I suffer breathing difficulties every time I use the Wii Fit board, so she doesn't have it too hard.

Experts have advised her to take vitamin injections and start eating healthy food, but she can't. She says she can't get enough of chicken nuggets. McDonald's chicken nuggets are her favourite. However, she also likes KFC and the supermarket ones, said the daily.

This is not a bad diet, it's an addiction. If she can't get enough of them even when doctors tell her it's bad for her, it's an addiction to chicken. So there's only one thing for it... cold turkey!

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