Have you ever heard of "nomophobia"? I know, it sounds like a fear of kids these days finding things tasty. They always say "nom nom". What was wrong with "yum yum," like in the good old days?

Nomophobia is actually a new condition that's affecting more and more people. It's the fear of being without a mobile phone.

Forget nomophobia, it's more like nomophonia... because you have no mo phone and.. ah, forget it.

Symptoms include losing your cool when you don't have reception. It's an acute feeling. Unless you're on T-mobile when it's more of a chronic condition.

We've all suffered it. You leave the house and realise that you have left your mobile at home. All the time you're out your worrying about all the people who will be trying to reach you, all the texts that will be beeping, all the voicemails piling up. And then you get home and find "No missed calls". You don't notice that you're not popular minute by minute but when you store it all up for the end of the day it's a right kick in the teeth.

Two thirds of those surveyed said they were afraid of losing their phones, with women 9% more likely to have the fear. Maybe they just feel the fear more often because for the first 10 seconds of looking in her handbag she thinks she's lost her phone.

I saw a woman franticly searching for her mobile in her bag saying, "I lost it. Oh god, I've losyt it. I've lost my phone!" While it was ringing!

Phobia therapists suggest treatments such as going phoneless for a while. Or use your phone as soon as you get out of a tube station. You'll be phoneless before you realise.

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