Bin Laden Family To Live In The West

According to the Sunday Times, terror chief Osama bin Laden wanted his youngest children to move to the West.

Then what was all that terrorism lark about? Was he just trying to get the house prices to drop so they will be able to afford a nice place over here?

He said: 'Go to US and live in peace'. I think they would've got more peace if their dad didn't keep trying to blow our shit up all the time.

It seems odd, that if you really hated something you'd want your kids to live in that thing and blend in. I really don't like BMW drivers, with the way they cut you up, never indicate at roundabouts and drive right up your arse. But that doesn't mean I secretly want any offspring I have to become passengers.

It makes no sense. There can only really be two situations that fit. Either he secretly hated his children, so his ultimate plan was to send them to the West and hope one if his mates blows then up one day.

Or he really hates the West and he brought his kids up to be right little shits. He may not have brought the West to our knees through terrorism but he can wind us up by sending over his children.

He probably trained them in how to annoy us. I bet they don't know how to queue and will just push in. I bet they have been taught to use a mobile on the quiet coach of a train. And if Bin Laden was truly evil, I bet he taught them how to drive a BMW. Damn you Bin Laden. Damn you!


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