Honour Amongst A Thief

You have to be careful about setting the wrong precedent. There's a story from Australia, of a man who had his wallet and mobile phone stolen. But the robber handed the phone in at the local police station because he found it contained child porn photos.

What's the take-home message from this story? It's this. If you want to make sure your phone will be handed in to the police if you lose it, put dodgy pictures of kids on it.

See? That's what happens when a thief doesn't think his actions through. The man must've been left saying, "If only I'd have put a nude shot in the wallet I'd have that back too."

At a time when personal theft is going up, people will start to use these techniques, for other items too. When you see a security van delivering the cases of cash you'll spot the printing on the case that reads, "Warning: This case contains images taken at a family beech."

It's a slippery slope and we shouldn't be on it.

There's no justice though, the mugger tried to do the right thing but was arrested when he went to the police station. It turned out he was already wanted for car theft.

Whoever owned that car should've put a child locked in the boot banging to get out, then they would've had their car back within days.

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