It's Cold Outside

I love the way the news covers our weather. It was only five months ago that newspapers were proudly shouting that, "Sweltering Britain was hotter than India." Now we hear that we've been colder than Iceland. Why are we obsessed at beating other countries?

I'm assuming that's what the Express headline meant. Or were they saying the UK got colder than a shop full of frozen food. That's a nice way to report news. They can say we're colder then Iceland and Farm Foods, and our economy is doing as well as Woolworths.

Is it because we don't beat other countries at sport any more that we're turning to the weather to try and get a victory?

In the summer they get a picture of some women frolicking in the sun, like this one from the Daily Star...

I don't know what muscles she's tensing but to get ... on Twitpic

She has some really good control to be able to pee into that bottle from that distance.

But in the winter it's different. The newspapers find pictures of struggling motorists and speak to "experts" who tell you what you should do if you're making a journey. They say things like "remember to take warm clothing and a flask of hot drink."

It's like they've interviewed Ray Mears. A jumper and a cup of tea? I never would've guessed.

And my favourite phrase that comes out when we have bad weather is this: "And remember, only travel if you have to."

I'd say that's a good rule to live by even in good weather. If you don't have to leave the place you're at right now, don't travel, or you'll find yourself nowhere near where you're meant to be.

In fact the only time of year when there's a slight gap in that logic is during the cold weather. If you don't have to travel, but you do anyway, you might find yourself in Iceland, and apparently it's nice and warm over there right now.

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