Goats Have Accents Too

Scientists have found that goats have accents. Which explains why there's never been a successful goat judge on the American X Factor.

According to a recent study by Queen Mary University of London (tut, we can't even blame American scientists for this) goats acquire different "accents" depending on where they're put to pasture.

So they don't even have to be born in that area to pick up the accent? Ah, they're putting it on. It's like if you go to a posh party, you put on a fancy accent to blend in. Or when you see people on council estates being interviewed on the news. It's like they're making up for a lifetime of dropping Hs by using them all up when they're on the telly.

And if you know you're being listened to by academics from a London University you'd make an effort. Basically these goats are doing their telephone voice.

Researchers found that as the goats grew older and moved with different herds, their voices changed to adopt the specific call of their new herd. They're doing it to blend in and try to be popular. It's like Mark Watson pretending to be Welsh to launch his career.

Before this study, it was believed that only a few types of mammals, such as humans, elephants, and dolphins, were able to develop new accents. And let's be honest, not all humans can develop new accents. If they could I'm sure Birmingham would sound a lot different by now.

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