These Women Love Sausage

It's amazing what the internet can do. It's a piece of technology that has improved our lives in so many ways. OK, it's mainly used for sending people pictures of cats playing the piano but in the old days people had to hand-deliver Betamax videos of cats playing the harpsichord, so thank god for the web.

The latest clip to hit the web is of a Canadian TV host who said the wrong thing while talking about a sausage-eating competition.

It's Lisa Dutton, and here's what happened.

If you can't see it click here.

It's not that she says "Pick a dick" instead of "Pick a tic", it's the fact that she said it twice. She's addicted. Ad-dick-ted... OK, that's too far.

On the news site where I found this it said: "Her co-host tried in vain to salvage the situation by reassuring the audience that neither of them had been drinking."

She may have said that but in general, she wasn't helping. Her, "Well, you're thinking about sausage so..." hardly helped her buddy out.

And my favourite bit was earlier.

Lisa: "It's a sausage competition that I judge."
Co-host: "Oh, like sausage eating?"

What else kind of sausage competition could there be?

Lisa: "No, I just see if I like the look of 'em. Sometimes I touch them a bit. Stroke 'em. I get paid in twenties straight into my pants."

I feel sorry for the people at pick-a-dick.com, they'll be getting lots of hits for people who want tickets. It's like the whole CompareTheMarket.com vs CompareTheMeerkat.com issue. Pick-a-dick.com might even crash, which means people like Cher's son/daughter will have to wait.

Pick-a-dick.com, it's amazing what the internet can do

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