Taken For A Ride - The M25 Tour

I hate tourists. Well, I hated the film based on one. But sometimes I feel sorry for them. They get charged extra, they get sold utter rubbish and they get death threats in London just for standing on the left of an escalator.

Now the plight of the tourist has hit a new high. A company is selling a coach tour of the M25 orbital motorway. The tourists are paying good money to sit for hours on the M25 in a coach. You can get the same experience if you buy a coach trip to anywhere that involves driving on a coach.

I suppose, in these troubled times it could be value for money. They say it's a 4-hour sight-seeing tour of the M25, but most days it'll take a lot longer than that to drive round the M25.

Trip organiser Simon Ashcroft said: "The only reason people hate the M25 is because they don't embrace it. They don't give it enough time."

Don't give it enough time? I've wasted hours of my life sat in the roadworks between J22 and J16. I've queued up for so long in the "average speed camera" stretch that I worked out I could hit light speed from J17 to J16 and it still would push my average over 50mph.

Simon Ashcroft also said: "We have found out some amazing facts. At the Bell Common tunnel there is a cricket pitch on top of the motorway. But you cannot actually see it." Not really getting the idea of a sight-seeing tour.

But well done to the company. If they can get tourists to part with their money for a drive on a motorway they're going to be rich. I want in on this action. That's why I'm opening up my own money-spinning tourist-exploiting business - The British Queuing Museum, just line up here to buy your ticket...

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