Andy Murray's Mum Has Toilet Trouble

Andy Murray's mum, Judy, has caused some upset by tweeting a picture from inside parliament.

Well, that and producing a son who can't win Wimbledon. So she's not having a good run of it.

Judy Murray took a picture of the toilet in the Lords.

That's taking it too far isn't it? Next she'll be signing into the toilets on FourSquare.

RT @Judy_Murray2012 I just became the mayor of trap 3, the Lords loos on @foursquare

She took a picture of the door that says "Women Peers".

It's a perfectly good sign for a toilet, if it didn't have the letters R and S.

Murray tweeted the picture describing it as "too fun" to her 20,000 followers. Lieutenant-General David Leakey, aka "Black Rod", said he thought the message "belittled" parliament.

No, I think spending our money on moat cleaning and duck houses belittled parliament, taking a picture of a toilet is, ironically, not taking the piss as much.

I've tweeted from a toilet before. Well, most of my tweets are done on the loo. If I didn't eat so much bran I wouldn't be able to be so prolific. But I have tweeted a picture from a toilet once.

What makes me think this venue was designed by a man who&#039... on Twitpic

It was taken at a gig where, after the first break, the audience was mainly just men.

P.S. Go on, lets have a day of #toilettweets and mention @mrstevenallen in them to get a reply.


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