Sex Or Super Bowl

A new survey says women in American would rather have sex than watch the Super Bowl.

What a pointless survey. If you angle the TV right, you can do both.

80% of women, when asked, said they would rather have some rumpy pumpy than watch the sports event. After the first woman says yes, it's kind of rude to keep asking others. It's like you're hedging your bets.

It's an interesting question, would you pick the sex or the Super Bowl. I know it's a big deal and it only happens once a year, but then, so does the Super Bowl.

I'm not sure which one is best. The Super Bowl is the most watched sports event with a global audience of about 111million viewers. Thanks to sites like YouPorn I'm sure there are more viewers for sex.

At the Super Bowl you might get to see Janet Jackson's boob. There's a slim chance you could see the same during sex if you pull the right woman.

The Super Bowl lasts for hours. OK, it wins that one.

But for me the deciding factor would be that you can record the Super Bowl on video and watch it again later. Whereas, if you try to do that with the sex the other person gets really mad when they find out.

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