Homeless? Stay At Home

When it comes to health advice, France isn't the place you'd think to look. They've been pumping their women full of industrial grade silicone for years. It's the only country where you could buy fake boobs in Homebase.

But now a French health minister has proved what a genius she really is. Nora Berra wrote in a blog that homeless people should not go outdoors during the ice-cold snap.

Amazing. I've not seen someone put their foot in their mouth like that since a found that "specialist video" online. And trust me, that was the least rude video I saw after I Google "Woman who can fit a foot in her mouth."

You know what, I can't fault her logic. In an ideal world the homeless shouldn't go outdoors. In fact I'll go one step further, homeless people should not be without a home. There you go, that advice has just cured the problem of homelessness too.

In her blog she said toddlers, old people, the sick and homeless were particularly vulnerable in times of extreme cold and should "avoid going outdoors."

I'm not even sure her phrase it fitting for toddlers. They should "avoid going outdoors"? They don't really have a say in the matter. You don't hear many toddlers saying, "I've just got to nip out for some fags."

But saying that homeless people should stay indoors is a level above. It's so insensitive. It's like telling the Fritzl kids they should get out more.

We should put her to work on some of the other issues blighting society. She should tell the unemployed to avoid not getting paid regularly, or tell the obese to avoid eating all the pies. Maybe she could even tell cocaine addicts they should avoid trying to win X Factor or Celebrity Big Brother.

What she really needs to do is to tell politicians like herself to stop talking rubbish. I know, I've gone too far there. That'll never happen.

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