Would You Eat A Test-Tube Burger?

Scientists are going to make a burger from stem cells. I hope those stem cells weren't going to be used to cure someone's Parkinson's. "Are you going to be finished that cure, because I'm famished?"

The "test-tube burger" will be the first beef patty ever created in the laboratory and it will cost £207,535. Over 200-grand for a burger. I know food inflation has been a problem, but come on. And for that money I'm assuming it comes with fries.

It raises an interesting ethical issue, would a vegetarian eat it? It's meat, but it's not made from a real animal. Although I get the feeling the same could be said for the "meat" dish in my local takeaway. They just call it "meat" on the menu. If you can't even pin point the genus or species, I'm not putting it in my mouth.

What I like about this story is that it shows the true nature of mankind. When we first heard about stem cell research people campaigned saying, "With technology like this we'll end up playing God." Nope, we end up making ourselves a sandwich.

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