Men Fall In Love First

New research says men are more likely to be the first to say 'I love you' in a relationship.

Yeah, but he'll say it the the Xbox 360, to his car, he'll even say it to the George Foreman grill, so I'm not sure it means as much as you think.

Around 64% of males admitted they had said 'I love you' first, compared to just 18% of women, research at the Pennsylvania State University and published in the Journal of Social Psychology found.

OK, let's take a look at the figures. 64% and 18% adds up to 82%. That leaves 18% of couples where neither the man nor the woman said 'I love you' first. So either they have a loveless coupling with repressed emotion and bottled resentment, or they're one of those sickly couples where they said it at exactly the same time. I think I'd rather be in the first type of relationship.

Around 87% of those interviewed believed women fell in love first, while three quarters predicted that women would be first to say 'I love you', but questions about their own experiences proved that men took a few weeks to realise they were in love, while women took a few months.

It makes sense. We think of women as more emotional and therefore you'd imagine they'd be the first to talk of love. But think about it practically for a minute. The man gets someone who is neat, tidy, fragrant and in many ways is like 3D porn. She gets someone to open jars. No wonder he says 'I love you' first. The strange fact becomes the 18% of times when she says it first. Now there's a woman who really likes pickled onions.

Even the experts said it's unlikely men are more emotional. They said one of the reasons men say it first is because they think it will mean the woman will have sex with him.

I would just like to say that not every time a man utters the words 'I love you' does it means he wants to have sex. Maybe to the Xbox 360 and car, but certainly not to the George Foreman grill.

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